Project 57 - Phase I

Phase I - Site Plan


When Steadfast Indiana began in 2016, there was no housing for 57 homeless Veterans in Indianapolis. That meant, despite the efforts to house Veterans – temporarily or permanently – sadly, there was nowhere for them to go. We felt it was absolutely unacceptable for Americans, who sacrificed for all of us, to be living on the on the streets of our city.

We set out to change that with Project 57. Over the next two and a half years we began to raise awareness through social media and fundraising efforts. We also sought properties that would be suitable to build a community for Veterans that would afford them the dignity and safety they deserve. 

We are pleased to announce, as of June 2019, we have found one such property!

From This ...


Phase I of Project 57 will be built in south west Indianpolis.  It was once the site of a fifteen-space mobile home park. 

The property, much like the Veterans Steadfast Indiana serves, was abandoned and neglected. 

... To This!


Soon, it will be the site of fifteen small, single occupancy, permanent homes for fifteen Veterans who will no longer be forgotten. There will also be an on-site office that provides property management and shuttle services to and from the Roudebush VA Medical Center.

This artist's rendering depicts what the property will soon become!  We look forward to providing you with more updates soon!

Your Help Is Needed


2017 PIT Count

Nationwide Homeless Veteran Count


Sheltered           24,690

Total                  40,056


Indiana PIT Count

Unsheltered      46

Sheltered          569

Total                  615



Currently over 50 homeless Veterans have a HUD VASH voucher and no place to Rent/Live