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Our mission is to provide adequate housing to homeless veterans throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, serving them as they have selflessly served us.

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We work closely with private donors, business entities, and federal, state, and local government agencies to find unused empty lots, properties with small structures in need of demolition, or properties with other unwanted dwelling structures.  After assessing the most viable option, we then rehabilitate those properties with new, smaller energy efficient homes; or we rehabilitate the older homes that are already onsite.  The homes are then outfitted with all of the furniture and appliances required for independent living, giving our Veterans in need the safety, stability, and dignity they deserve.  

Homeless Veteran Statistics


There are roughly 48,000 homeless veterans in America at any given time. That equates to 8% of all homeless Americans nationwide. These are men and women that have served and fought in conflicts ranging from WWII all the way to the current conflicts in Afghanistan  and Iraq. None of these men and women should have to return to a life on the streets. That’s where we come in.

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